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Lost Knits: Snapdragon Tam


This knit is so old that I have even forgotten which year I made it in!  My best guess is either 2010 or 2011.  Although I may not remember finishing it, I do remember purchasing the yarn.  I bought it in Istanbul in February 2010.  I try every holiday to buy some souvenir yarn and this was one of a few “souvenir skeins” from Istanbul.  I bought it from a place called Kürkçü Han, a market square near the Grand Bazaar. (See this wonderful blog post here, with pictures and details of how to get there.) The whole square is full of stalls selling clothes and yarn, mostly cotton and acrylic.  However, upstairs on the right is a yarn shop where I found a wider selection.

This yarn is a bamboo cashmere blend (35/65) by Nako in a lovely dark red colour.  I made a terrible attempt at bartering; my husband tried to help me, but I ended up too embarrassed in the end and paid full price.  Nevertheless, I remember it being fairly reasonable.

When I got back home, this yarn was duly added to the stash, not to be picked up again until I was looking for suitable yarn for a travel project.  I thought it would be rather apt to use souvenir yarn for such a project, it was the correct weight and I loved the colour.  With hindsight, using a bamboo blend for a hat was perhaps not the best choice, but the hat does have lovely slouch.  The pattern is Snapdragon Tam by Ysolda Teague from Whimsical Little Knits 2.  I had previously made the Snapdragon Mittens (still yet to be photographed and now worn so much they are literally falling apart!) so decided to make the hat to accompany them.  It was a straightforward knit and didn’t take too long.  I remember blocking it over a plate to help set all the cables nicely.  


And there you have it!  I don’t actually wear it that much as I tend to have my hair out these days and so wearing hats is not usually an option.  However, when I do have it braided, my head gets cold, so a hat is most useful.  The pictures accompanying this post were taken on the south coast near Portsmouth on a sunny but chilly February morning earlier this year.

Lost Knits


I feel like I have finally emerged from the longest winter.  The sun has finally come out here in the UK and the clocks have moved forward giving us longer lighter evenings.  I feel like the cloud we have been living under has been lifted and I have renewed energy again.

As spring has finally sprung, I felt it was time to catch up with all my knits!  Although I try to photograph and note as many projects as possible, plenty slip by without documentation.  With a full time job it is difficult to find the time and light in the winter months to photograph all my projects and so even years can pass by before I get round to photographing some projects.  So I plan a series of posts over the coming days and weeks to document these lost knits.


The first today are some baby clothes I made in January of this year.  They were quick and easy knits which I made for my husband’s cousin’s new baby Toby.  Before he was born, I didn’t know if he would be a girl or a boy so chose neutral colours.  I dislike pastels however, so chose a bright sunny yellow and what I thought at the time was grey, but actually turned out to be a soft lavender once I got it home.  Although this sounds like a strange combination, they actually worked well together.  The yarn I used was MillaMia Merino, a swedish yarn company, and the pattern I used was Garter Yoke Baby Cardigan by Jennifer Hoel.  It is a good choice for children’s knitting, as it comes in lots of bright colours and is superwash.  It is also quite tightly spun resulting in a lovely crisp fabric particularly in garter stitch.  This will also hopefully mean it is less likely to pill.  This was a very simple pattern which I have used before.  I like it as it’s very gender neutral, so great for people who don’t know the gender of their baby or who are not blue/pink fans.  


To accompany the cardigan, I made a simple baby hat: The Fresh Picked Baby Hat by Leslie Clarkson.  This was a free pattern on Ravelry and I chose it for it’s simplicity and again gender neutrality. The baby booties were Tiny Shoes by Ysolda Teague from Whimsical Knits 2.  I really love this little accessories book (and the first one) and have knit nearly everything from of it!  These shoes were such a quick knit, only taking an hour or so, providing such instant gratification I could see them becoming addictive!  These were also a good stashbuster as I used left over Quince&Co from my Chickadee cardigan.  The rest will turn into hexipuffs.

Apologies that the photographs are not my best.  I had to snap a few quick pictures late night before sending them off in the post.  They were well received, and we got to see a very happy baby Toby sporting his knitwear a few weeks later.

Watch out for more lost knits coming soon.